Elmasys is the best solution for optimizing your order, inventory, sales management, rising inventory accuracy and running your business more effectively

What we offer

Order management

Efficiently track and fulfill sales orders. Automate your order management process starting from placing an order by customer, keeping track on which employee will fulfill it and from which warehouse until it is finished.  

Inventory management

Inventory management system tracks the lifecycle of inventory and stock as it comes and goes out of your company. Besides the records about goods it also stores sales and purchasing costs and quantities available by location and warehouses.

Financial management

Connect financial and other data across the company and get reports about many different types of finance transactions about your procurement and sales. Measure cash flow to optimize profitability, determine accounts receivable and accounts payable with simple clicks.

Detailed reporting

From purchase and sales to business financials, your key data is automatically collected and compiled into a detailed reporting document. You'll never lose track of your key business data. Elmasys reporting tool will give you the information you need in the preferred form and time.  

Standard account

per month

  • 3 Users 
  •  10,000 online orders/month
  •  2 Warehouses
  • online support

Plus account

per month

  • 5 Users 
  •  30,000 online orders/month
  • 5 Warehouses
  • online support

Professional account

per month

  • 10 Users 
  •  50,000 online orders/month
  • 20 Warehouses
  • online support

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